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Is the incredible effort your company puts into handling paper or unstructured information causing expensive bottlenecks? Is the job of simply trying to process, access or store information overburdening your key departments? Are you worried about life uncertainties like fire, theft or natural damage to your critical business documents? Digital Archives Limited offers effective measures to help your organisation save time and money!
Go to library and books archiving

library and books archiving

Are you concerned about your increasing collection of wonderful books, or about a huge library. Do you imagine how to get all the books, journals, magazine’s and even newspapers into digital format? Save yourself the headache. Digital Archives Limited offers effective solutions at your service…

Go to Records and Documents Archiving

Records and Documents Archiving

Law Firms, Hospitals, Schools, Insurance Companies, Government institutions and many more organisations require a complete integration of their paper documents into digital information to eliminate uncertainties, increase availability and enhance options…

Go to Cloud based Storage and File Indexing

Cloud based Storage and File Indexing

Our Cloud based Solution offers long-term storage of active and inactive data that you’re required to retain for regulatory compliance, business reporting, retention policies and litigation risks. It’s the primary copy of your critical and non-critical business data that protects you from loss of revenue and customers…

Electronic Document Management System

Our Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), helps you organize and execute on data effortlessly.We automate the way you organize, share and secure your documents enabling you to capture, index, tag, and completing tasks seamlessly while enhancing your workflow.



Digital Archives Limited has successfully delivered document archive solutions, document conversions, document shredding and enhanced services for organisations since April 2015.

Having successfully developed and deployed state of the art cloud based solutions and our document conversion, scanning and shredding equipment, we have recently completed our re-branding and positioned the company to be ready to serve a wide range of clients simultaneously.

Our services and solutions are targeted at every organisation including SMEs, large corporates or Public Service ranging from law firms, accounting firms, insurance companies and government departments to hospitals and schools.

If your office is in a mess with documents flying here and there, or you have got files stacked one over the other, or you cannot easily locate a file or document in less than three minutes, then Digital Archives Limited is the solution to this paper wreck.

We convert documents into simple to use Digital databases that are fully searchable and highly accessible. We are committed to assisting you preserving your documents and spending less time getting access to them.

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